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The roots of our company were planted deep in 1965 with the founding of Security National Life Insurance Company. Starting with only $543,000 in assets, in a small rented house in Salt Lake City, Utah, Security National has grown into a strong industry leader in several fields of service. Over the past four decades we have grown consistently through new sales and investment opportunities, and through the acquisition of life insurance companies, funeral homes and cemeteries, as well as the formation and growth of our mortgage operations.


Our company operates three main business segments: life insurance, funeral service and mortgage loans. Our company is designed and structured so each segment relates to the others, and contributes to the profitability of the whole. For example, our cemetery and mortuary operations enjoy a high level of public awareness, assisting in the sales and marketing of our insurance and preneed cemetery and funeral products. Security National Life Insurance Company in turn invests its assets in high quality mortgage loans. Thus, while each segment is a stand-alone profit center, this horizontal integration is strategically planned to improve profitability. Additionally, our company actively pursues growth through acquisitions of life insurance companies and mortuaries, and through expanding our mortgage operations.

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